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Webinar Replay
Let your Bot do the talking

Discover the power of Voice.AI with
AudioCodes, Cognigy and ARAG Insurance Customer Case

AudioCodes and Cognigy give you insights on how to maximize the use of chatbots by giving them a human voice. Listen to an interesting customer case study from ARAG Insurance.


In this webinar replay, our experts explain how you can add voicebots to your existing service channels, while lowering costs and enhance customer experience. A special stage is reserved for Dr. Jochen Westheide from ARAG Insurance, who shares how the company has transitioned from an AI vision to implementation, including the benefits, challenges and current results.


In this webinar replay, you learn:


The benefits and challenges of adding Voice.AI to your customer service channels.

The technological needs to go from chatbots to real conversational voicebots.

The steps required to transition from an AI vision to implementation.


Featured Speakers

Jasper Filon


Jasper Filon

Sales Engineer,


Jochen Westheide - ARAG IT v3


Dr. Jochen Westheide

Head of Finance-, Data-, AI-Services,


Thijs Waanders - Cognigy


Thijs Waanders

Consulting Director,