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Room Experience™ (RX) suite

superior meeting room experience, with
excellent voice quality

WEBINAR REPLAY: Introducing Room Experience Suite

AudioCodes Room Experience™ (RX) suite, is a range of products designed to deliver a superior meeting room experience, with excellent voice quality, ease of use, continuous productivity (via the Meeting Insights™ software solution) and full integration with IT management tools.

Combining AudioCodes innovative software and products from leading audio solution vendors, the Room Experience (RX) suite ensures that conference calls and meetings always deliver maximum productivity both during the session and after it has ended.

AudioCodes RX Suite Benefits

  • Continuous productivity delivered via Meeting Insights
  • Superior audio quality ensures everyone gets heard
  • Excellent conference call experience in rooms of any shape or size
  • Operational IT efficiency with centralized management and monitoring

Listen to the recorded webinar to learn more about the AudioCodes RX suite, its products and how it ensures maximum user satisfaction and productivity. Learn about our new pricing schemes allowing customers to keep their device strategy evolving to align with their UCaaS innovations.

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Yaniv Kitlaru,
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