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Digital Transformation for Communications and Collaboration Solutions

Software-Defined Voice Network (SDvN)

Leveraging the principles of Software-Defined Networking (SDN), AudioCodes Software-Defined Voice Network (SDvN) is an open solution designed to help large enterprises to optimize network call routing and simplify operations.

Listen to the recorded webinar and discover how the Software-Defined Voice Network benefits large, distributed enterprises by:

  • Optimizing calls across heterogeneous voice networks
  • Simplifying operations by removing silos and leveraging existing communication systems
  • Enabling rapid application deployment and network reconfiguration to meet agile business needs
  • Generating multi-cloud, multi-SaaS hybrid solutions tailored to operational needs

Featured Speakers

Yossi Zadah

Yossi Zadah,
VP, OVOC Business Line Manager,

Yariv Milber

Yariv Milber,
Director, Business Development,