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Webinar Replay
SmartTAP 360° Meets Microsoft Teams
Advanced Compliance Recording Solution for Enterprises

SmartTAP 360° Meets Microsoft Teams

Listen to this webinar replay and learn all about SmartTAP 360° - AudioCodes advanced compliance recording solution for enterprises.

The webinar covered an update on SmartTAP 360° as part of Microsoft’s Technology Adoption Program (TAP), the improved, seamless integration with Microsoft Teams and how you can now use SmartTAP 360° to record your Teams interactions.

In the webinar we introduced SmartTAP 360° newest features and how you can become part of our exclusive early access program.


  • Offers compliance specific features: audit trail, save-on-demand, rule-based access, permission-based recording and editing and nation-specific storage requirements
  • Records all organizational interactions through voice calls, video calls and IMs for compliance, quality management and malicious recording
  • Supports multiple call types: internal, mobile, remote and federated users
  • As part of Microsoft TAP the recording solution is offered as a service and will support compliance recording for hybrid PSTN environments which include Microsoft Teams

Featured Speaker

Corey Winn

Corey Winn,
Director, Recording Solution,