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ZOOM Supported Models

The following AudioCodes IP phone models are supported by ZOOM:

The C450HD is currently undergoing the certification and qualification process.

For upgrading existing IP phones from Version 3.2.x or earlier to 3.4.x or later, please contact AudioCodes support.

The following table lists IP phones hardware revisions which are not supported in the ZOOM environment.

Model P/N REV
420HD GGWV00582 P01-P03
405HD GGWV00597 P01, P02
405HD GGWV00598 P01, P02
405 GGWV00581 P01, P02
440HD GGWV00609 P01-P03
440HD GGWV00610 P01-P03

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In addition any AudioCodes IP phone model whose P/N is GGWV00xxx, where xxx is smaller than 581, is not supported.